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Build Systems with Go has exceeded all my expectations. Actually, I started the book with no expectations or predefined goals.

It has been for one month the number one in the Amazon new releases in the category of distributed systems. And it is in the third position of best sellers for the same category at the moment of writing this post. A tremendous achievement for a self-publishing book. Thank you all for your support and nice comments. I hope the content of this book can help you.

A new edition versioned v0.2.0 has already been published!!! This new version comes with enhanced descriptions, revisited explanations, extra figures, a new chapter about Cgo, and more awesome gophers. Additional code is available in the repo under tag v0.2.0.

Check the book page for more details.

Why there is no version v1.0.0? Why semantic versioning for a book?

When Donald Knuth published the first volume of The Art of Computer Programming back in 1962 he started the largest foundational collection of programming books ever written. Actually, the book is considered to be unfinished after several volumes published since 1962. Volume 5 is planned to be released in 2025.

For me reaching version v1.0.0 would mean that I have reached a perfect book with all the topics I would like to include. I do not think that is possible, at least for now. Is for this reason that you will not probably see this version :)