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This blog was born almost two years ago during the Covid-19 lockdown. At that time I decided to use a hosted WordPress solution. I have to say that I did not spend too much time checking alternatives. In this sense a hosted WordPress seemed to be a good idea. And actually, I think it is a good solution for many people. However, not for me. I have been postponing the decision of moving away from WordPress for a long time. Some reasons for this migration:

  • I have no need to generate dynamic content.
  • The management browser was painfully slow. I do not know if this was a specific problem of my WordPress provider, but moving from one menu to the other was terribly slow.
  • For my use case (a humble blog) there was a lot of over-engineering.
  • I got tired of continuous attacks. Obviously, I installed the corresponding security solutions. Anyway, I got daily notifications of IPs being banned after 100 attempts to find WordPress vulnerabilities.
  • I had the terrible feeling of not being under the control of my own site. The number of available plugins and configuration options do simply multiply the chances of something to be wrong.

These are the main reasons for this migration. Everything has been moved to GitHubPages. Static content, nothing particularly complex, and the hosting power of GitHub for free. I did my best migrating some of the old posts. You may find that some of them look weird, specially those with some math notation. Nothing that cannot be solved spending some time.

I am still experimenting with the layout and I do not discard some changes in the next days.

Thanks for reading,

P.S.: If you are interested, you can find the content used to generate this blog in my repo.