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Migration from Jekyll to Hugo

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On July 2022 I decided to migrate from Wordpress to Jekyll and host the blog on GitHub (see my previous post ( here).

Why another migration?

There is not a particular reason for this. I was OK with Jekyll and its simplicity. However, I was a bit disappointed installing Ruby dependencies. I do not use it for any other purpose rather than generating static content for Jekyll. A powerful reason to make the migration is the fact that Hugo is written in Go, and guess what I’m familiar with that language.

Style changes

I am not particularly familiar with the available Hugo themes. After a brief search I decided to configure the Blowfish theme. The theme is well documented, there is a good number of pages using it, and it fulfills my needs. I will probably continue doing some changes until I am happy with the final look.


I will continue hosting the blog in GitHub at least for the medium term. I am curious about using Google’s FireBase so I can have some computational capabilities and do something more sophisticated. In fact the Blowfish theme has some features ready to work there.

Time spent

I am genuinely surprised about the time I have spent in the migration. I could do everything in one evening. Hugo already has a hugo import jekyll command that simply collected all my posts and assets from Jekyll. The integration with GitHub actions was easy. I was stupid enough to require a couple of iterations, but nothing really technical.

I had to take a look at how to use math notation with mathjax and generate diagrams with mermaid. That required some delete, copy, and paste. Nothing traumatic. After a quick look, the old posts seem to be readable. I would like to have a feature image for these posts, like I have in their medium versions but I think they will stay as they are right now.


The migration process has been smooth and easy. No headaches. This is something to thank. I think the blog looks “more professional” although that has nothing to do with Jekyll itself. It’s me that I didn’t spend enough time looking for a fancy theme. Anyway, I will keep on changing the aspect in the coming months until I find it good enough. I appreciate how easy it is to configure many components.


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